1 April 2016

Latest News: See How These Brave 5-Year-Old Girl Rescues Drowning Mother From Backyard Pool


In an amazing act of strength and heroism, 5-year-old Allison Anderwald saved her drowning mother in the family's backyard pool last Friday, an incident caught on surveillance tape.
Allison's mom Tracy was in the middle part of the pool when, according to KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, she suffered a seizure and started to drown. Allison, who has been swimming since the age of 2, jumped into water and, after several attempts, pulled her mom to the shallow end of the pool where she turned her mom over and pulled her head above water. Allison then went inside the family's Portland, Texas, home for help, summoning her sisters and aunt who rushed outside, KRIS-TV reported. (Portland is about 10 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.) 
Tracy, who was discharged from the hospital Tuesday, isn't sure why she had a seizure, according to CBS News. But, thanks to her daughter, she didn't suffer any serious injuries. 

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