1 April 2016

Relationship Tips: Checkout 10 Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Love With Someone Who Doesn't Know You Exist

If there's anything worse than being in love, it's being in love with someone who doesn't know you exist.
Here's the 10 definitive things that only people who are in love with someone that doesn't know they exist will understand.

1. The crippling inability to move forward with your own life.

It's not that you're waiting for them to come along, it's just that you can't fully commit yourself to anyone else just yet.

2. Knowing with absolute certainty that your personalities would mesh well.

And experiencing all the subsequent frustration about how you will never get to test your theory in person.

3. The sadness in your soul that you'll never even get a chance to breathe the same air as them.

You don't even have anything further in mind, it's just disappointing you'll never get to see them exist in real-time. 

4. The devastation when you see them making a wrong choice.

That person they're dating is probably great and all, but she'll never quite be perfect enough for you to give them your blessing.

5. The inescapability of their presence in your life.

It doesn't matter where you go or who you're with — the level of fame they've achieved means you'll never be able to cut them out of you life. Not that you'd ever want to, ofc.

6. The constant measuring-up of all other potential dates.

They could be an astrophysicist who names an entire, unexplored planet after you — but they're *still* not the person you actually want.

7. The nagging doubt in your mind about the concept of fate.
How hard can it be to place us both in the same vicinity for a couple of minutes? Get it together, fate.

8. The lonely feeling of being a tiny needle in a very vast haystack.

You know exactly how limited your chances are of that fateful meeting ever happening. The statistics don't lie. 

9. The genuine, terrifying fear that you will always hold a torch for them.

How long is it normal to feel like this? What if you get to 80 and you still feel this way? Is that a thing?

10. The knowledge that you would still rather feel all this agony, than never know about them at all.

Life is tough.
From: Dahacker

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