29 April 2016

Mix: DJ Hacker Jp - Who You Epp (Top 20 Semi-Finalist Mix)


The moment thousands have been waiting for is finally here!. After reviewing 1,291 entries sent in, YBNL Nation Present Top 20 Semi-Finalists in the #WhoYouEppCompetition! and Mixed By Ace DJ Hacker Jp.

Balogun Of All Nigerian DJs have been working so hard lately and giving us the best from the yard. This is the Top 20 Semi-Finalists Mix and those artist list are: Drew, Trod (DaGrin Junior Brother), CEM, Seven, Tosin Robeck, M3dal, Seax Penz, Bobby D, Uc Flamez, Maupheen, Jesse Raey, Delis, Mingul, Scripts, YokeeGilla, Odibay, A.B.S, KizzyDrez, Jay_Dee and Sequence. The Top 10 Finalists will be presented to you next week for a very exciting "Grand Finale"
So right now, all you need to do is listen to this Mix by Agbomabiwon 1st.... Watch Out for Top 10 Mix next week.

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