22 May 2016

Celeb Gossip: ‘Don’t mess with the wrong guy’ – YQ checks Tunde Ednut

There seems to be no love lost between singers YQ and Tunde Ednut, as the former has called out the latter over an alleged show of disrespect.

YQ was in no mood for pleasantries when Ednut apparently reached out to him for his personal number. The ‘E Fimile’ hit-maker cited disrespect and a cunning attitude on the part of Ednut as reasons for his outburst.

‘Most people know I like to respect myself and stay on my lane . I respect people , i hardly put my mouth in any industry controversy n all,’ YQ wrote in the caption of a screenshot of his conversation with Ednut on Instagram.

‘After trying to disrespect me on social media to increase ur level, why sending me a DM asking for my number ? Son don’t mess with the wrong guy . Don’t come at me like that anymore. Tunde’ he further warned.

As of yet, it is quite unclear what exactly Tunde Ednut said to have triggered YQ’s response.

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