28 July 2016

UNIZIK Admission Screening Exam - Accommodation Made Easy During Exam Period #LodgeFriend


Few days ago, after much high spirited deliberations resulting from
the on-going dilemma between the Ministry of Education and the
universities concerning Admission Entrance Exams into Universities.
One of which is the amount of MONEY spent by aspirants when they come
for this exercise on things like ACCOMMODATION.

That brings LODGEFRIEND (http://lodgefriend.com/) to the rescue.
LodgeFriend is a Property Listings Website providing students the best
accommodation experience ranging from property acquisition to
Accommodation-Related Utility Services.

Rather than taking the work of moving about searching for that
property that perfectly suits your taste, LodgeFriend have a wide
variety of available choice of properties that are easily accessible
using your internet browser and an internet connection. Simple!

Lodge A Friend is a Social Platform focused on University students
(they being the hosts) and Aspiring University students (the Guests)
with an aim to connect people (the Hosts) who have space to spare with
those (Guests) who are looking for a place to stay.. A platform where
Guests (being aspirants) would start imbibing the Culture of the
University long before they even gain their much desired admission.
Guests and Hosts also get a chance to build real connections with real
people from all over Nigeria.

Hosts can effortlessly showcase their spaces to an audience of
millions, whether they have a single room, a self contain, a full
apartment or Mansion. Guests gain access to unique and distinctive
spaces and immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations.

UNIZIK ACTICATED - Starting from the permanent site (which is closest
to the university) LodgeFriend decided to deploy a platform that
greatly tackles this issues by making it possible for UNIZIK Students
in the University to Host University aspirants as their Guests for the
time needed to complete the exercise for their admission into the

● How Do You Gain Access To All These Services
» You should first create an account with us visit. Its completely
free and simple! Click HERE (http://www.lodgefriend.com/register)
» Use the "SEARCH" Tool to find the best place for you with tailored
search results. Or better still, click your choice of location
[Permsite, Tempsite, Okpuno]
» Upon finding your best suited space, you go ahead to "BOOK" and we
make all the needed connections.

● What's Your Security Policy?
First of all, LODGEFRIEND (http://www.lodgefriend.com/) operates a
zero-tolerance policy towards real estate fraud and works constantly
to ensure that contracted agents and developers are credible and
reliable. We maintain a cordial relationship with our partners to make
sure we list properties from a selection of trusted hosts, sellers,
brokers, Surveyors and landlords in Nigeria.

For the Guest Platform, HERE (http://lodgefriend.com/guest/) the
service is made strictly for students which ensures proper monitoring
of each successful booking connection. Therefore, before any
connection is approved and completed, both guest and host must provide
relevant documents to verify their student identity.

● What Are The Price Ranges Available For Guests?
Available spaces are paid for “PER NIGHT” hence LodgeFriend try to
limit the prices of available spaces on the platform by advising them
on best pricing practices. Through this, we currently have a hosted
space for as low as NGN800 per night and the maximum price currently
placed by a Host is NGN2,000.

● Are There Any Restrictions On How Your Visitor Should Be Accommodated?
Yes there are, and its specified by Hosts. Although we endorse a
policy of sticking to the time of arrival and departure agreement made
by the Host and Guests.

● How Is Payment Done
Payment is done upon arrival of the Guest before gaining access to the
"Booked Space"

To Get An Accommodation CLICK HERE (http://www.lodgefriend.com/guest/)

For More Info/Assistance, Contact
Call/Whatsapp - 07036366528

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