9 September 2016

Album MP3: Marllie - Cursed With A Blessing The EP (#CWAB) | @Marllie

Biggest Dreams Niggah’s Crew (BDNC) Recording Artist  Marllie Dishes Out His Most Anticipated EP of the Year  Titled ” Cursed With A Blessing “ . The EP houses 6  standard tracks where he shows how versatile Marllie  is as an artist, right from Hip hop to classic to  Alternative Hip hop & Also Trap .
About Cursed With A Blessing The EP (#CWAB)  The First Track ” Genesis ft Preeziej ” – On this  track I talked about how the whole Rap thing all  started, how I used to freestyle with my classmates in  High school. How the first pay I received as an artist  was 10Naira, Shii Was Cray!
The Second Track “My City ” – On This Track I Went  Soft , I Talked About What the motive of every dude in  my city was, talking about putting my city on the Map.  #AlimoshoBREED.
The Third Track Is Titled ” Traded Love ” – This is  one of the Few Tracks I Wrote With So much vibe cus I  talked about myself and a certain girl that I actually  fucked over, and it’s one of my fav. Tracks because  any guy can actually see the perspective am coming  from.

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