21 October 2016

FUNNY STUFF: Samsung was in their house when Obama’s trailer came to jam them


The company has had to discontinue production of their high end product after a series of explosions.

The Galaxy Note 7 was widely touted to be the best smartphone of the year but its release has been marred by several cases of batteries exploding and causing fires.

Samsung had to recall thousands of devices and subsequently, discontinue the line.

The internet has since been awash with memes making fun of the Korean tech giants. But even they would not have imagined that US president Barack Obama would troll them for their misfortune.

While the outgoing American president was speaking on his healthcare policy; Obamacare, he used smartphones as a metaphor for upgrading what doesn’t work instead of throwing it away; except it catches fire.

This is a simultaneous on Samsung, Republicans and rotary phones. pic.twitter.com/HkHJeUfbL7

— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) October 20, 2016

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