2 October 2016

GOSPEL MP3: ONE NAIJA-Dr. Paul feat Solomon Lange, Christ Morgan, Asu Ekiye, Elijah Oyelade

This song, ONE NAIJA, is loaded with celebrity artistes from across Nigeria. It is a song of love and unity which celebrates Nigeria’s diversity while calling for peace and unity. It showcases Nigeria’s diversity and draws from the very rich expertise of prominent A-list artistes in Nigeria. Dr. Paul once again proves his mettle by bringing together Solomon Lange, Chris Morgan,  Asu Ekiye, Elijah Oyelade, Ailly OmoJehovah, Innosaint, Syereh and Leezie Crystal, all artistes of repute in Nigeria to do one song to celebrate Nigeria's Independence day. 
Release date: October 1st, 2016 (Nigeria's Independence day)

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