10 November 2016

MP3: Sixtus Ohans - Nnukwu Mmowu @six_ohans

On the 9th of September 2012, Linda ikeji wrote of "Sixtus Ohans"  a young talented artist that was shot in the face by armed robbers and the story broke the internet.

Physically; His mouth was wired half shut, face was blown out of shape and a pellet had made through his right eye and lodged itself in his head. Scientifically he wasn't supposed to be alive.  The surgeons said his case was that of a TV working with a blown I.C and no electricity.
Emotionally and psychologically; he had lost sponsors, some people believed him to be dead and the remaining few thought "how could he ever rap with a mouth wired shut".
Lol!  Was God's reply in this case... Sixtus ohans is bigger better stronger faster than he has ever been. He is still an Adonis and He is about to take the his rightful place in the music world.

This is his official first  single since his resurrection and I strongly advice you go download and listen to it. Pure talent and fire...too much fire Infact.

I think "six" is going to be around for a very long  while.

Share the love people.

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