29 December 2016

Health Tips: Checkout 5 Fit Tips To Make You Healthy

1. Juice as much as you can. Try to avoid mixing a lot of veggies with fruits. Use more veggies than fruit.
2. Work out regularly; 3-5 times a week is good. Try new things. Go to classes to keep it fun and interesting. Try out different classes at your local gym. Keeping it fresh and different will keep you interested and not burnt out on your workout. Think of health and fitness as a lifestyle, not a chore.
3. If you can’t turn your brain off and go to sleep, take small doses of natural melatonin or coffea cruda (all natural for a hyper mental activity)!
4. Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week but don’t over-do it. Again being healthy is a lifestyle. Making healthy food choices is essential and your body actually gets used to eating healthy and it becomes normal and yummy!
5. Replace one meal with a healthy protein shake that is 300-400 calories.

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