29 December 2016

Health Tips: Checkout 7 day healthy Time-table for Nigerians who care about their good health!

The purpose of this 7 day exercise is to suggest varieties of healthy eating diets that will enable most of Nigerians to eat well, have good health and live long.  In this exercise, I have only made suitable suggestions likely to be adopted on day to day basis. You have the right to shuffle the eating cards the way it will suit you and your environment as well as per your wallet.
Eating well is the object of the 7 day plan. I do not have to put every thing you have to eat day after day for 7 days rather, I worked on two days -Sunday and Monday week days. Monday here represent Monday to Saturday. The recommended or suggested menus are solidly packed with foods or diets rich in nutrients, antioxidants which includes vitamins,and minerals.
The choice is all yours and make it healthy and simple. High quality diets need not be heavy or in large quantity. Most of the recipes are low in calories but jam-packed and fortified with life saving nutrients. The plan equally took account of those on special diets especially people with cardiovascular diseases, or cancer  hoping to prevent and  minimize such diseases.
Particular emphasis are made regarding eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables as well as regular physical exercises.
2 Akara balls, 1 small bowl of custard or Akamu, (Pap), 1 slice of toasted bread with spread- butter, margarine or peanut butter.Or choose 1 boiled egg with the toast. 
 Then follow up with 1 glass of fresh orange, pineapple or tomato juice.You can add a cup of tea or coffee. All these have low calories and man made or animal fats.
You can go for carbohydrates, such as a small plate of rice and stew and goat meat,  protein-rich diets, such as well cooked or roasted fresh fish; a bowl of fluted pumpkin leaves and spinach.
At least eat one kind of fruit  and follow up with a glass of fresh pineapple or orange juice. Top up with slices of watermelon, or queens' pineapple and a glass of  cold water. These are light lunch meals on a Sunday and a part of the 7 day healthy eating plan.
Start up with one bowl of boiled fluted pumpkin leaves and spinach cooked with some pieces of goat meat plus mushrooms as appetizer. Follow up with vegetables such as broccoli, runner beans, mushrooms, and carrot.
You can go along with the main dinner,  poultry made of roast duck, chicken or goat meat on boiled beans , noodles, or boiled yams.
You can add one wrap of moi moi or a cup of it specially cooked. Follow up with slices or cubes of Queens pineapple and slices of watermelon.Finally top up with a glass of fresh pineapple juice,and cold water. You can add  slices of paw paw and eat at least one apple or mango fruit.
These are also low calorie dinner about 600-700 calories depending on your menu.
You can vary the Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. In short, you can chop and change as much as it suits you provided that five portions of fruits and vegetables are always  strictly included.
1 boiled egg, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup of tea or coffee + 1 cube of sugar or one tea spoon. 1 glass of fresh juice, pineapple, mango, tomato or orange. Top up with a glass of cold water.
1 small plate of rice and beans, 1 wrap of moi moi +meat and stew. Follow up with a bowl of boiled fluted pumpkin leaves and spinach, 1 glass of fresh juice orange or pineapple and slices of watermelon and pineapple cubes. Eat oranges or paw paw.Top up with a glass of cold water.
1 small plate of pounded yam, with egusi, edika-ekong, ogbono or ewedu soup+ pieces of goat meat, stockfish, chicken pieces and bush meat.
Follow up with a portion of fruits and vegetables,such as orange, pineapple, paw paw or apples and slices of watermelon. Top up with 1 glass of fresh fruit juice and cold water.
You can now rotate the menus as much as you can for seven days and these will constitute a 7 day healthy eating plan. You will find that watermelon featured very much in all the menus. This is because not only that it has no fats, and little calories but superb in nutrients and vital vitamins to give you good health and long life.

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