29 December 2016

Health Tips: Checkout A Healthy Food Timetable for the Family

Boiled plantain with vegetable stew (efo)Any fruit in seasonAmala w/ ogbono soup Water to drinkAny fruit in seasonPorridge yam with vegetable and goat meat Cereal w/ skim milk OR a Granola bar
TUESDAYToasted bread with oatsAny fruit in seasonFufu with (vegetable soup). Water to drinkFruit SaladMoi moi with stew and fried plantainCereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
WEDNESDAYBoiled Sweet potatoe with fish stewAny fruit in seasonAgidi with Pepper soupChin Chinoconut Rice w/ meat or chicken stewand coleslawCereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
THURSDAYPancakes with sausages and tea or coffeeAny fruit in seasonWheat meal with Afang (vegetable) soup. Water to drinkFruit SaladBeans and plantain porridgeCereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
FRIDAYChips and chicken with ketchup and tea or cofeeAny fruit in seasonWhite Rice w/ boiled beans & stewed fish orBanana with groundnutsGrilled plantain palm oil sauce with grilled fishCereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
SATURDAYAkara and papAny fruit in seasonEba and Oha soupMeat/Chicken PiesNoodles with mixed vegetables.Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
SUNDAYBread/ fried eggs, & sausages. Cup of tea/coffeeAny fruit in seasonFried rice with fried plantainFruit SaladFried sweet potatoe with stewCereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar

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