24 January 2017

Okcity Daily Health Tips: Checkout Seven Reasons Why You Should Detoxify and How to Do it

Detoxification (detox) involves eliminating foods particles that may be putting stress on organs or even wrecking havoc on the system entirely following digestion. To detoxify your system, you have to make use of foods that energize and revitalize your body. Under natural circumstances, the skin, bowels, liver, kidney and lungs eliminate toxins from the body but unfortunately,our modern diets are based mainly on processed and unwholesome foods. These “toxins” in our food cause the body to lose its natural detox ability at the same rate the body is being bombarded with harmful products. Detoxification is a means to reset the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.


1. To clean out the colon

2. For glowing skin

3. For better sleep

4. To boost metabolism

5. Purify the liver

6. Boost immune system

7. To aid weight loss

How to Detoxify

You mustn’t start by doing a 30 day detox; go small. It’s easier to stick to. You could do a 3day plan or even a one day detox. See how that goes then increase as you can handle.

There are different ways to detox:

Juice cleanses: these are easier because you do not have to chew and break down your food. The digestive system takes a little break.
Raw food Detox: everything you eat is whole raw food. This isn’t easy to do for 3 meals a day.
Halleluyah diet: 85% raw foods, 15% cooked foods. You will have to skip breakfast and the cooked portion can only be taken durng the end of the evening meal.
Diuretic diet: does not really cause weightloss but encourages the body to release fluids. Eat foods like watermelon, artichoke, celery seeds (i can already hear someone scream “THOSE AREN’T FOOD”
Mono fruit detox: using only one fruit, one of the best fruits for this plan is the APPLE. Apples are wonderful at detoxifying the liver.
There are lots more, you can even make up your own detox diet based on the fruits/plants available in your vicinity. Whichever you choose, make sure to consult an expert…a nutritionist or your physician to be sure its okay for you. GOODLUCK.

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