22 January 2017

Okcity Gists: Checkout what Nigerian political leaders were up to this past weekend


Soft work, it's their work.

All through Nigeria’s history, her political leaders have always enjoyed the luxury of being in office and rarely- scratch that, insert never- has the economic conditions affected their life of leisure.
So this last week as Nigerians worried about high cost of kerosene and food items, for a number of politicians it was just another weekend of relaxation.
President Buhari flew out for a 10 day vacation in the UK. Most Nigerians can’t even afford to spend 3 days at a government hospital.

Senate President Saraki took time to hone his football skills. If he wasn’t 54 years old, we would have said he was auditioning to join his darling Arsenal FC.

Ex Presidents Obasanjo and Jonathan squashed their beef over a game or two of ayo.

The rest of us were waiting for NEPA to bring light. Diariz Godu o!

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