14 February 2017

Okcity Story Book: A Short Story About Adepoju Damilola By Mike Adeniyi

Brave Adeniyi Aanu
A Short Story
by Mike_Adeniyi
Adeniyi Aanu looked at
the nice sketch pad in
his hands and felt
He walked over to the
window and reflected
on his Beautiful
surroundings. He had
always loved pleasant
University Library with its troubled, tan
trees. It was a place that encouraged his
tendency to feel angry.
Then he saw something in the distance, or
rather some one. It was the figure of
Adepoju Dami. Adepoju was an admiral
angel with skinny arms and gorgeous hair.
Adeniyi gulped. He glanced at his own
reflection. He was a brave, clever, coffee
drinker with shapely arms and handsome
hair. His friends saw him as a slimy, smelly
saint. Once, he had even helped a plain
young lad cross the road.
But not even a brave person who had once
helped a plain young lad cross the road, was
prepared for what Adepoju had in store
The rain hammered like Reading deer,
making Adeniyi happy.
As Adeniyi stepped outside and Adepoju
came closer, he could see the wicked smile
on her face.
"Look Adeniyi," growled Adepoju, with a
controlling glare that reminded Adeniyi of
admiral bear. "I hate you and I want
revenge. You owe me 4899 Euros."
Adeniyi looked back, even more happy and
still fingering the nice sketch pad. "Adepoju,
I love you," he replied.
They looked at each other with jumpy
feelings, like two pleasant, purple parrot
Drawing at a very grateful Leadership
Summit, which had jazz music playing in
the background and two ruthless uncles
Singing to the beat.
Adeniyi regarded Adepoju's skinny arms and
gorgeous hair. "I don't have the funds ..." he
Adepoju glared. "Do you want me to shove
that nice sketch pad where the sun don't
Adeniyi promptly remembered his brave
and clever values. "Actually, I do have the
funds," he admitted. He reached into his
pockets. "Here's what I owe you."
Adepoju looked sad, her wallet blushing like
a petite, poised Pencil.
Then Adepoju came inside for a nice cup of


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