9 July 2017

Exclusive Okcity Interview with 2Pluz,Get To Know how he Went On colaboration with Late DA'GRIN || @2pluz_rapolski

In an Exclusive Interview Upcoming indigenous rapper Olawale Olayinka Olatunde Shoneye widely Known as 2Pluz gave us a hint about himself and Inspiration Behind his HIT single with LATE DAGRIN and Lot More .

Presenter: Can we meet you? 
2pluz: Of cos i still dey moshin mii , I'm Olawale Olayinka Olatunde Shoneye

Presenter: Where do you hail from?
 2Pluz: i was born in Lagos state, Kosofe ketu mile12 . Hailed from Ogunstate Ijebu-igbo Nigeria.. 

Presenter: Can you tell the World your Age?
 2Pluz: in my late 20s.

Presenter: When did you start your musical career?
 2Pluz: Been having the urge for the game back since 97 98 but actually started recording 2003.

Presenter: How did you come by the name 2pluz?
 2Pluz: i could do many things but i feel this 2 things i can really do them without mistakes Music and Football.. is that not a 2pluz.

 Presenter: What is your genre of music? 
 2Pluz: Hip Hop.

Presenter: How Many Tracks have you released?
 2Pluz: Released like 3 tracks back them but wasnt really promoted due to management and stuffs, e no easy ajepako nimi.

Presenter: What motivated you into music?
 2Pluz: I love listening to baba70 Fela long live,  2face and 50cent does it all so i feel i can do just that in a yoruba way.


Presenter: What are your parents reaction about your musical career?
 2Pluz: At first it wasnt easy cos you know as am upcoming who is just getting the ginger we feel we can do stupid things like plaite hair, ear rings,wear crazy things and as an evangelist she was worried, she understood me when i came decent too and still do my thing.. my dad needed us to be succesful so he just laylow

Presenter: What is your source of inspiration while writing and singing?
 2Pluz: i dont take too much of alcohol i try hard to take some so i wont just get boring.i dont smoke cigarett, 

Presenter: What has been your greatest achievement so far in music?
 2Pluz: well what we do always we grow in it, i believe i have achieve street certificate which is confident in me that i can do it anywhere anytime....pending when i start getting paid, another achievment is having the oppurtunity to work with Dagrin, you all know dagrin dont work with wack artist

 Presenter: Where do you see yourself in 7 years time?
 2Pluz: Road to Blow successful and with a good record label if not mine yet

 Presenter:Who is your role model in the music industry?
 2Pluz: I would have to say, 50cent and notoriousBIG i will like to add Dagrin Olaonipekun Olaitan though we are friends but he is also a source of inspiration to me that really get my ass up for the game. He is on a completely different level with his music. There is so much creativity in his music. As an artist I can’t help but admire his talent.i love him so i featured him

 Presenter: I'm sure you have faced a lot of challenges so far, what has been your greatest challenges as an upcoming act?
 2Pluz: Iyen loud gan many challenges when you see people you are better than on tv with good managenent which you dont have. show sef na padi padi...have been to show where i spent over 680naira down there with hunger they promise to sort us for after which all i got was just a plate of rice with 10 naira panla dindin fish.

Presenter:  If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?
 2Pluz: There are some  name that really comes to mind.  Well, there are a few but the top of the list would be ASA and 2face..  they takes the talent an artist has and makes it work for them.  that keeps them together a Masterpiece.”

Presenter: Which latest songs, videos or mixtapes releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded?
 2Pluz:  Aiye E (Your Life) video on the way... they can easily download Audio it in Naijaloaded.com

Presenter: We all know it is not easy to be creative, how do you combine academics with your musical career?
 2Pluz: Omo eko we no dey carry last in all we do, i was on street for long so i deciced to go back school and promise not to be distracted, i started the music thing back when i knew am almost done...i actually stopped recording days after Dagrins death

Presenter: Are you in a relationship, lol... And with who??
 2Pluz: Yes i have to be real please so i wont get distractions,  Shout out to all the Jumoke in the world
Presenter: What is your advice and word of encouragement for other upcoming artists? 
 2Pluz:  Dont relent that is if you are sure of what you can do.. Toba to asiko atishu ihodi aalanu

CONNECT 2pluz :-
Twitter :  @2pluz_rapolski
IG: 2PluzYSN

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