16 July 2017

Exclusive Okcityloaded Interview: I'm coming Back to industry soon with a Jet - TeeBase Da AfroBeatKilleR

Adekunle Olamide Toheeb. Well known as TeeBase.
Said to OkcityLodite This Morning, on the ongoing interview.

Okcityloaded : Hello Mr. TeeBase, We Have A Question to ask you Sir.

TeeBase : Go Ahead Baamie, I'm all hear...

Okcityloaded : Why and what is the matter of your Quiet and been silent in Industry for the past a year now?

TeeBase: Thanks so much Okcityloaded, and I do appreciate for your concern. Well nothing much Baba, not that I'm busy, or have no time for my career again.
Just that, industry this days need something Dope and madness display. Yes..... I need to gather my self and talk to my self, what can I do to make my fans more deeply in love with my doing.
Just like Adekunle Gold said, Industry yii ma le gan. Before you can become a star, you need a connection.

One of my collaboration dropped secretly online last 3months..
Titled Party time Tobs x TeeBase.
google Search

Not intentionally Recording but we need to do something, when my producer Tobs call on me.
So there for. I haven't quit Music. Just watch out soon.... While keep on enjoy and listen up to my Favourite artist... My artist that I brought to Music Industry with my own little knowledge... *Sodlak* .....
Sodlak ft. TeeBase -Laye mii still trending online. One of evergreen song.

Okcityloaded : What is your next Target now and do you have to tell your fans, because we miss you.

TeeBase : wow.. Thanks alot Baba.
Anyway I will never stop doing my thing, till I feed the whole entire world with my melody.
My say is that I will never disappoint you Guys....
Keep on listen to your favorite boy TeeBase .....
God bless you all.

Okcityloaded :Kindly drop your contact for your fan's...

TeeBase :. Hmmmm, okay no problem sir I will ,but for serious and caring soul only.
Fbk... TeeBase Afrobeatkilker 
Twitter.... @iam_teebase
Instagram.. @iam_teebase
Whatsapp +2348082591939
God bless you all. Mostly my DJ.'S like DJ. Gee2 ,Okcityloaded and more

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