28 October 2017

ADVERT: The chief Corner Stone This is

The chief cornerStone this an Evangelical /missionary ministry under the leadership of the Holy Spirit through Evang: Fil a practical teacher of God's word, he is the author of an inspirational/motivational book titled: Living right with God. A book that guide you on how to restructure your relationship with God. He is the host of a life transforming program :
A night with Christ. And also the host of a radio program tagged: A time with Christ. To hear directly from Evang: Fil visit any of his outreach/campus outreach nearest to you every Fridays and Sundays by 6:00pm you can also worship with us every Tuesdays and Thursdays by 5:00pm and Sundays by 9:00am @ the chief cornerStone headquarter /branches nearest to you. Follow us on [email protected] Email us via: [email protected] Contact us via:+231777362179 (Liberia ), +2347011029367(Nigeria).
You can also get our inspirational /motivational songs by downloading the following:(a) Ewo by Fil
(b) Elele mummy by Fil
(c) Condition by Fil All in audio (mp3) formats.
Get inspirational /motivational messages online by downloading the following:
a) The life of a true Christian by Evang: Fil
(b) the wages of sin by Evang: Fil
(c) The principles of soul winning by Evang: Fil
(d) The importance of follow-up by Evang:
Fil All in audio(mp3) formats. @ The chief cornerStone our mission:
Taking God's word to all parts of the world through songs and evangelism (preaching).

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