14 November 2017

Audio + Video: Ojadili Ft Tuna P - OKM OKM #HOMEOFTHEGODZ

Indeed has come to come to stay and slay!,not long ago they unveiled  that madt tune/track Ojadili in diaspora which has arose so much questions within and outside the country.ask no further as these project here has come to clarify a lot of raised dusts,as these heart triggering project debuts to be the first of its kind to exist.
To showcase the creative prowess,​ ​lyrical infusion and outstanding delivery of the vocals that made the tune strong,​ ​warm and appealing. Damn!!these is too lit, Ojadili really showed why he is original and why the company had made him their pioneer rapper and a face to build their brand on. 

Don't be told anymore reach out and download, but dont withheld that goody from a friend or group of people. 
Dead men tell no tale!! Only a living soul does.​ ​OKALA MMADU OKALA NMOU 
we all shall live to tell the tale! 


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