25 January 2018

Houston Gospel Radio 109.05FM Houston Texas United States NEW MUSIC ALERT! - YAWEH by OYINKUS || @oyinkus


We're surrounded by so many distractions in today's world. These deliberately positioned distractions have amounted to strongholds that compete variably (or even better) for the affections of the average Christian compared to the tenacity of his dedication to God. These gods; money, mobile phones, cars, clothes, trends, belief systems etc are idols the modern day Christian might have to struggle with which constantly competes with the place of God in our lives. But Yahweh is glorified forever and ever.

With this song, call on God to take all the glory always in our lives giving credence always to the scriptural allusions and pointers to His preeminence in the rule of the affairs of men that whatsoever we pass through, He knows and is deliberate about it. Yielding to Him no matter what, be it in persecution, trials or in plenty, bliss etc we say YAWEH YOU ARE THE GREAT AND MIGHT KING.

Pastor Yinka Akinsule aka Oyinkus is is a Houston based Worship minister passionate for the utmost indwelling and expression of the personality of God especially through heartfelt/intimate worship. He enjoys the atmosphere of fellowship with the brethren and also loves to contribute to the development of potentials everywhere he finds himself.

Lyrics: Yeweh


The Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the end
That's who you are 2x
The mighty man of war
Ruler of the nations
That's who you are
That's your name

Glorious in Holiness
Fearful in Praises
That's who you are 2x
Excellent in Power
Powerful in Glory
That's who you are
That's your name

Yahweh, Great and mighty God
Yahweh, That’s Your name
God of wonders
God of all flesh
Yahweh, that’s your name

Mountains melt before You
Winds and seas obey You
That's who You are 2x
Faithful and Dependable
Able and reliable
That's who You are
That's Your name

Heaven and Earth Adore you
Angels bow before You
We stand in awe of you God
Nobody else besides you
That’s your name

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