22 February 2018

Music: Ayaslin - 24 Hours


Historically, no Rapper has ever done Rap for more than 5, 10, 12 hours, not even the Rap kings, 2PAC n BIGGIE did.

But today, a new skool Rapper born and brought up on the street of Lagos Nigeria, Orile Iganmu precisely, popularly know as AYAS LIN is ready to go extraordinary miles by Rapping non stop for 24HOURS.
WOW! That's about 598,750 bars on different beats by just one RAPPER.

Can he really do that? Could this be truth? Could this be because today is his birthday and he is over excited?

Well, let's find out on this mind blowing single titled 24HOURS by Ayas Lin.

Go Download, Listen and share your thoughts.

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