14 October 2018

Open letter to DAVOLEE From A Fanz Hypemama

Open letter to DAVOLEE

Hey Davolee, how is life, family and the industry? Hope you're doing great?

Hope you remember  12th November 2016? The very day we your fans  celebrated you   and hoped for a better you!

On that day, I logged on to my Facebook profile to see almost all my friends congrating you,  "ileeka" "davolee". 

I was amazed. I could claim to have been smart enough to  deduce the fact  you just signed a record deal. 

I was too happy celebrating your deal without seeking to know  the kind of deal it was. DAVOLEE, it's true no one knows the content of the  deal you signed with YBNL but  I started smelling trouble when your first video with OLAMIDE

The video was shot and you weren't with him but I waved that!

Not  too long,  you dropped CIROCING  which I personally  couldn't relate well to just like everyone else. 

Then I said to myself can DAVOLEE really make hit like 'Lilkesh'  Though i sw ko chances, yet deep down I still had faith in you.  I believed you   needed  time to settle in the new team ! 

But unfortunately,  since then you have been mute and almost invincible  and we your fans are almost forgetting about  you and the Davolee brand we so much  cherished !

And then  finally, you dropped a new single which I listened to early this morning. To he honest, I literally was aroused and pissed.  I was like,  "who has been hiding davolee all this years"

I began to wonder what exactly was your the deal with YBNL ?
- Where you blindfolded by money or you were uncomfortable with the deal and couldn't get proper inspiration to deliver and producer great contents? 

- Is it YBNL that stopped   you from releasing new songs  or your materials where below the YBNL standard? 

- Are you fighting any confidential sickness!?

Please David kindly reply this letter and give an explanation to we your fans as to  what exactly you are passing through in a way we can relate even if its through a song!

Finally are you still a member if YBNL?

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