4 November 2020

[Breaking News] Dj Amendio was assault at Hunters Lounge By Hammed Okada Omo Kutere


A Report just got to us that Dj Amendio was attacked by Hammed Okada Omo Kutere, leaving him with serious internal injuries.

On Sunday, 1st of November 2020, at exactly 9:15pm; an eye witness said he was at Hunters Lounge when Dj Amendio was at the club doing his norm daily routine job as a disc jockey, already everybody was in an hyper mood feeling the vibes but before twinkle of an eye to our greatest surprise he said that somebody attack Dj Amendio unaware from the back. And when everybody was trying to find out what happened? The eye witness said he witness this same incident at Hunters Lounge when Dj Amendio did his ‘Independent Concert on Saturday, 3rd of October, 2020’, where people who came to support him were been harassed and chased off the stage by this same person called Hammed Okada Omo Kutere, while trying to know the reason why he did all these, we got a report from somebody in the neighborhood saying that is what he does because he feels is the Branch Chairman of the Keke Napep under Apapa Iganmu LCDA and he can do an undo what a wicked character; he always like people to see him as the most superior to anybody and this is not the first time is doing this, even to people in the neighborhood. With this behavior of him did he deserve his post as a chairman? Please let pour out our mind, which kind of treatment did this chairman deserve? Checkout the picture of the man that beat up DJ Amendio Below:

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