20 February 2021

Breaking News: Alaya Exit 10dollar Music

One of the most shocking news you would read today is that of Alaya leaving 10dollar Music some few days.

Few weeks, we discussed on what we think might be wrong with Alaya career after so much wait for positive and reasonable contents from him.

Alaya is one of the very few talented rappers we have in the industry. You would agree with me if I say we all him knew back then for his hot and crazy freestyles and creative rap styles.

Over the weekend, he Removes 10dollar music info in his bio on Instagram and also on on his YouTube page.

Well, who know if the label might be the real reason we’ve not gotten something reasonable from Alaya since his signing to the label, who knows?

Nigerian music industry is a misery yet to be unraveled. The closer you look, the lesser you see. False contracts everywhere.

The Lyrics in his song is just too strong.

However, we hope to see more positive news from Alaya as soon as possible.

So guys, the questions here is 👇👇👇

Do You Think Alaya Made A Good Move Leaving 10dollar Music?

Do You Think 10dollar Music Was The Reason For His Slow Growth Rate Lately?

Let’s hear from you all on this important issue.

Drop your comments

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